President’s Club @ MiQ: Jordan Brown 2023

President’s Club is the pioneer employee recognition program for sales superstars in the MiQ Canadian market. We are excited to recognize and celebrate those who have gone above and beyond to achieve great results.


The programmatic landscape in Canada is truly unique. What led to your career in sales and choosing MiQ Canada?

As a kid, I kind of gravitated toward sales-type work. I had my own neighbourhood lawn mowing business, and a courier service. Even as I got older, through bartending and event work, I knew I’d want to make things happen with other people.

Fast forward through 10+ years of corporate sales and I’ve been fortunate to get to work in Sponsorship, Broadcast and OOH media, all of which I think have had a part to play in my path to MiQ.

Ultimately choosing to be here is about what I can offer to my clients as a part of this team. If you believe in what your company does and can keep your promises, you’re in a good spot to deliver for your clients. Right now brands need to be effective with their media spends, and be progressive in their use of data and emerging tech. MiQ gives me the platform to make that happen.

You are being recognized for outstanding sales achievements in 2023, what key moments were defining points of success for you?

I think this year it was really about bringing a few great partners into the fold. Commercially we had a good year but underscoring all of that is the quality of the people that have come on to work with us.

For our team, it creates a feeling that we’re genuinely invested in our clients’ success, and its something everyone can get behind because everyone enjoys working with together.

Sales in tech has undergone several major shifts in recent years, what are some major challenges you’ve had to overcome?

I think it’s the same thing most Canadian companies are dealing with, just the ebbs and flows of the market.

Growth is always the goal, but achieving that has to come through adding value in less conventional ways.

Ultimately being good listeners and then being willing to adapt to different ways of supporting our clients’ businesses is what helps us excel through changing times in media.

What is your philosophy toward achieving your goals?

Do the little things right every day. Be consistent, especially for the people you care about and be prepared to take a different path than expected to get you there.

On a lighter note, how do you spend your time when you’re not busy breaking sales records?

Right now, we’re pretty busy getting ready to welcome our first kid into the world! It’s been nice to spend lots of time with family and friends celebrating a lot of their life milestones this year as well. The end of the year though is always a great time to reflect so hopefully you can find me in the arms of a good chair, and a better glass of scotch.


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