Connected TV

How do we do it?

Our dedicated partnership team is constantly curating first and third party deals for CTV inventory to give you the best flexibility in terms of reach, quality, brand safety, context and price depending on your campaign goals. Because we are connected to multiple DSPs, we can access unique CTV inventory without limits, for example YouTube via DV360, or Warner Media through Xandr. And our advanced trading platform, Lab, allows our traders to quickly and easily set up your campaign based on specific content or genre targeting, and get the widest view of every path to supply so we can optimize for maximum efficiency.

We can layer on Advanced TV data via our multiple automatic content recognition (ACR) TV viewership data integrations, so we can activate your CTV campaign based around the TV your audience is watching, as well as when and how they are watching it.

We can also apply all of the data and insights you would expect from any programmatic campaign to CTV. So you can target based on first or third party audience attributes and reach exactly the consumers you need.

What does that mean for you?

Now you can finally plan, activate and measure in an integrated way across linear TV, CTV and digital with our omnichannel, omniplatform approach, with peace of mind that your campaign is delivering exactly where you want.