Shopping has changed.
It’s no longer online or offline,
it’s both.

Your CPG programmatic partner

We’re MiQ, a leading programmatic media partner.

With the shift in consumer behavior, the pressure’s on for CPG brands to be hyper-efficient in reaching consumers online. MiQ’s approach to programmatic advertising has helped countless CPG brands achieve efficiency and scale. Find out more below on how.

How we can help

  • Cookieless audiences built from trusted data
  • Personalized, shoppable creative
  • In-flight optimization
  • Flexible measurement options
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Why MiQ

Your customers get

A shorter path to purchase, improved shopping experience

You get

More customer insight, more sales

You both get

More engagement, more relevance, better performance

The MiQ approach

Shopping data

Data informed campaigns from start to finish

Our CPG approach is centered around our data integration with Ibotta. We have access to first-party data on 2 billion items purchased annually by customers across more than 120 major retailers. This data is completely consented, transparent, and accurate – and gives you insight on customers, segmented according to 20 different customer attributes.


Trusted, deterministic shopper data direct from coupon redemption + retailers

No one knows your customers better than you, and at MiQ, we can customize our campaigns to more than 1,000 shopper audiences, based on your specifications.
Target the audience that’s most meaningful to you. We offer targeting capabilities based on:

  • Brand loyalists
  • Lapsed customers
  • Category spend
  • Product purchasers
  • Retail channel
  • Demography
  • +more

Shoppable creative

Relevant creative that makes products easier to buy

Choose a retailer
We’ll make your display, video & CTV ads shoppable


  • Product retargeting
  • Product prospecting
  • Moment prospecting

Send more users to checkout
Report on: Products added to cart, $ value of products added, % proceed to checkout + more

Case study

Helping to drive
71% higher ROAS for our haircare client

Driving Walmart purchases with MiQ's unique CPG toolkit

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Learn about the changes in the context of the rapidly growing digital advertising landscape, while examining how CPG marketers can future-proof their strategies to keep reaching their best customers in a post-cookies world.

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