Let’s shape
the future

We don’t want to prepare for the future. We want to shape it. And the only way to do that is to change the rules of the game. Up to now, the way we plan, activate, and measure digital campaigns has been based on what technology can do, not on the way people behave. It’s time to change that.

By optimizing campaigns based on things people care about – whether it’s the message, the images, and the placement, or wider brand goals like environmental sustainability, social responsibility, or consumer protection – we can help you deliver campaigns that redefine success. We’ll help you shape the future of your brand by reprogramming performance for people.

Ebook series: Performance, re-programmed for people

We all want to do better by our planet, our community and our customers. But it can be hard to know where to start or what good looks like. 

And that’s what this ebook series is all about. We’ll help you shape the future of your brand by reprogramming performance for people.

In this first ebook of the series, we look at sustainable advertising. Get an overview of how we got here and what the sustainable marketing landscape looks like now, and a framework on how to make an impact with your audience, not on the planet.


Make an impact with your audience, not on the planet. Learn how to measure and optimize your media to reduce your brand’s carbon footprint without sacrificing campaign performance. We created our Sustainable Ads solution – powered by our proprietary Green Score – to help your ad campaigns be more sustainable.


Media is part of our daily lives, and we all want to see it grow and evolve. That’s where the advertising industry comes in. The ads that people see should appeal to their personal values, not just a list of their attributes. Innovations in data, technology and ad targeting strategies now allow for a more privacy-centric and unbiased approach. And that means, your campaigns will truly resonate with what really matters, to real people.


With the average consumer exposed to over 4,000 ads per day, it’s not enough to only measure viewability. It’s time to understand if your campaign was actually noticed. It’s time to pay attention to attention, as a way to optimize your campaigns to show people ads they truly care about, and drive better performance.

Together we can help you to deliver ad campaigns that redefine marketing success by reprogramming performance, for the community, for the planet, and for your brand’s audience.