Better connected marketing

From day one, our ambition has been to produce the best programmatic media results, underpinned by the sharpest data insights and delivered by the smartest people. And, since 2010, that’s exactly what we have been doing.

woman on laptop
woman on laptop

How we get you the good stuff

The world is going programmatic at an incredible pace - and we’ve been building for this moment for a decade. Here’s how you can access an industry of programmatic capabilities, all in one place, to make the most of the new addressable world.

We use our connected solutions to identify the right data sources, connect them together, and unearth insights for more effective targeting.

better connected marketing

The right partners

Our model is agnostic, so we can work with whatever data, DSP, publisher, or exchange is going to drive the best results for you.

The right technology

Access an industry of programmatic capabilities all in one place with our layer of technology connecting data, platforms and inventory.

The right people

Our full-service team will help you every step of the way, listening to your business challenges and building exactly what’s needed to solve them.

Our technology

We’ve built a system of connected programmatic tech that lets us access the right data, unearth the smartest insights, then activate them across all the platforms and channels you need.


analytics studio

Access unlimited data connections.


intelligence hub

Discover insights across all the screens your customers see.


trading lab

Activate campaigns across multiple platforms.

Under the hood

Go under the hood of MiQ and see the technology, people and processes that all connect to make the magic happen.

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The heart of our business

Our Centre of Excellence in Bengaluru is the beating heart of our business.
Watch the video to find out why

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