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MiQ doubles down on data investments and innovation to launch expanded post-cookie programmatic toolkit

Clients can now access a flexible suite of authenticated, contextual and cohort data capabilities for more performant, futureproofed campaigns.


NEW YORK, April 4, 2022 –MiQ, the leading global programmatic media partner to brands and agencies, today announced the launch of its expanded cookieless toolkit for futureproofed programmatic campaigns. Through best-in-class data partnership investments, proprietary, agile technology, and award-winning data science and trading expertise, MiQ’s clients can now leverage authenticated, contextual and cohort data all in one place, providing maximum performance and scale for advertising, negating the need for third-party cookies.

MiQ has launched Identity Spine, a proprietary, multi-identity graph powered by cutting-edge data science. With Identity Spine, MiQ can connect the growing number of digital IDs available from various tech providers to first-party data, using the data to create privacy-safe non-identifiable cohorts that ad buyers and marketers can use to action their campaigns.

This also includes a feature of multi ID translation that already processes and connects over 108 million different IDs on a weekly basis. In order to maximize the addressability of clients’ first-party data into any authenticated ID service, MiQ is developing a translation layer that simplifies the process for customers. The technology serves as a critical link for disparate data sets, providing a more complete view of the customer journey. In tandem with MiQ’s Analytics Studio, which enables the privacy-compliant ingestion and processing of hundreds of additional third-party data feeds on a weekly basis, clients can power more efficient, future-proofed campaigns backed with tailored data science and analytics.

Further, MiQ is expanding its partnership with LiveRamp internationally. Clients in Australia, and the United Kingdom, in addition to the United States, can now easily and safely onboard first-party data for more accurate planning, targeting and measurement leveraging authenticated consumer data. Additionally, clients will be able to activate campaigns on RampID to improve addressability and engage with authenticated audiences using a privacy-conscious, people-based identifier that connects users across browsers, platforms, and devices—without a reliance on third-party cookies. In the near future, this partnership will also be available in Germany.

In addition, MiQ has collaborated with Similarweb, (NYSE: SMWB), a leading digital intelligence company, to access a unique multi-dimensional source of contextual website data via over 10 billion daily signals, including organic and paid keyword rankings, similar domains, and referral domains to a given website. This data will help power rich recommendations with broad reach for targeting based on both keywords and domain lookalikes that are close replicas of cookie-based contextual data.

It’s through MiQ’s agile and agnostic Analytics Studio platform and data-science backed Identity Spine, that all of these datasets can be safely ingested and connected to build cookieless, privacy compliant consumer profiles for richer analytics, high performing activation and more accurate measurement in minutes and hours rather than days and weeks.

“We pride ourselves on building the deepest and broadest set of capabilities for the future of addressable programmatic advertising. These partnerships are a statement of our intent. There is no silver bullet in terms of the future of identity and there is certainly no winner takes all strategy. Brands and their agencies need to now be leaning in to testing and adopting new ways of planning, buying, optimizing and measuring programmatic campaigns. And they should be demanding partners to demonstrate the investments being made across the entire gamut of anonymous and authenticated signals” said Paul Silver, Global President Product and Strategy at MiQ. “There is no delaying the countdown on cookies. We’ve been preparing privacy forward solutions since the first announcement by Google and we’re excited to launch this broad, flexible set of solutions to bring better performance well ahead of the cookieless deadline.”


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