Reaching China

We’re your programmatic media partner for China. Whether you’re looking to scale in China with programmatic for the first time, or seeking a fresh approach in the market, our local partnerships and team of China specialists located all over the globe can help you.

Connect with one of the largest markets in the world, from anywhere in the world.

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As your Chinese programmatic partner, we’ll help you

Launch and scale campaigns faster

Connect to premium multi-channel inventory

Reach your exact target audience

Deliver the outcomes that matter most

Develop creatives to meet China’s specs

Get the service and support you need

Reaching China isn’t always straight forward, there are challenges

Understanding a different market

Accessing local inventory & data partners

Driving trusted & measurable outcomes

Staying on top of brand safety & ad fraud

Getting cut-through in a huge growth market

How we can help

If those challenges sound familiar... here’s how we can help

Local partnerships

Providing depth of programmatic capabilities in the market. Forged in China, yet accessible from anywhere in the world. This way you're close to the ground even if you’re far away.

China specialists

At your side, in your time zone, speaking your language. Converting strategy into data-driven campaigns in China, setting you up for programmatic success.

Global principles

It’s true China is different but it doesn’t have to be that different. Our approach is designed with global programmatic principles in mind, to give you greater peace of mind.

How MiQ helps

Local partnerships

Our partnerships with local players in the market bring together all the ingredients needed for programmatic success in China:

  • Inventory that connects you to premium video, native, display and connected TV channels. To reach consumers on smartphones through to the big-screen.
  • Data sourced from China’s most popular apps, the building blocks to curate audiences to meet your exact targeting requirements.
  • Ad verification to measure and mitigate ad fraud. Non-human traffic can be an issue in China but it need not be your issue.
  • Measurement that goes beyond, intelligent tracking solutions that deliver you authentic outcomes, those you can trust.

China specialists

Our global team of bi-lingual China specialists bring the Chinese market closer than it’s ever been before. Those in China stay close to trends and the latest regulation. Those outside China use our local partnerships to deliver campaign success in your time zone, in your language. Giving you the best of both worlds.

  • Traders who convert marketing strategy into data-driven programmatic campaigns.
  • Ad Operations to set you up for campaign success and take care of all the technical matters.
  • Creative designers and developers to tell your story in a diverse market, building beautiful assets and adapting your creative for China.
  • Client services with you before, during and after your campaign, a safe pair of hands supporting you at every stage.

Global principles

We support global ad serving and analytics solutions used in the West, and we’ve integrated our Chinese partnerships with MiQ’s technology suite. So you get the reports and insights you need, just like you do everywhere else.

  • Global ad serving that allows you to independently measure the delivery and metrics you normally do, removing the need to change your best practices for China.
  • Reporting that includes all the data in the format you want it, when you want it. And our Traders send you campaign commentary each week, so you don’t miss a trick.
  • Insights consistent with what you’ve grown accustomed to, providing you the data points and trends today to fuel better strategy and planning for tomorrow.

Hear from our China specialists

Jia-Long Ye

Trader & Operations Manager

Based in: London

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Simin Zheng

Ad Operations

Based in: London

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Sihan Ding

Senior Trader

Based in: Chicago

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Jerry Li


Based in: London

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How global brands can connect with one of the largest markets in the world, from anywhere in the world.

How global brands can connect with one of the largest markets in the world, from anywhere in the world.

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