How to become a senior software developer at MiQ?

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If you’re an experienced developer looking to accelerate your career, we want to hear from you. This is a chance to join one of the most dynamic industries for technologists, where you can build, develop, and own products that are shaping the future, while working in a business that truly values your skills and where you can progress your career more quickly than anywhere else.

You’ll have the opportunity to design and develop end-to-end software projects from scratch, having total ownership of them while being recognized for the value you bring. And to do that, you’ll get to use the latest web application frameworks, Big Data technologies, and React UI frameworks, as well as diving into a whole range of tech stacks like Java, Python, AWS, Spark, and more.

If you have two to three years’ experience under your belt, check out our junior software developer opportunities.

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Agility and process – getting the balance right

At MiQ, you won’t get slowed down or tied up in legacy systems. Our focus is on agility and modernization, always building our products from the ground up using the latest features and versions so we can experiment, learn, and optimize as we go.

But we’re also experienced. We know that constant innovation requires proper processes for bringing tech on board. Working with us, you’ll be in a team that is always pushing innovation, with the right systems for making sure that innovation is productive and controlled.

You’ll be essential to this process, driving your team to find new ways of doing thing while curating and evolving those ideas to contribute to the overall success of the business.

The kind of people we’re looking for

For this role, you need five or six years’ experience in software development with everything that entails. You’ll have:

  • Experience in working in object oriented languages like Java.
  • Excellent grasp of at least one language and have a good knowledge of the Linux environment.
  • And you’ll be an expert in using UI technologies like Javascript, jQuery, and ReactJS.

But this role goes much further than that. We run all our services in containers orchestrated by Kubernetes on AWS. So, if you’ve got experience in cloud environments like AWS and Google Cloud that’s a big, big plus, as well as knowledge of Big Data technologies and distributed systems.

But beyond the technical side, there are also a few traits that successful devs at MiQ all share.

You need to have a fierce curiosity for staying at the forefront of technology, learning about what’s new in the ad tech industry and in software development more generally so you can inspire and guide your team. You also need to be ambitious to learn, grow, and accelerate your career in an industry that’s shaping the way the whole world connects. Put simply, the ad tech space is full of opportunity, so you need to be the kind of person who wants to go out and take it.

Five reasons to make MiQ your next move


You get to work with cutting-edge technology in a business that prioritizes modernization, unencumbered by legacy systems or mindsets.


You get to move quickly, taking on more responsibility and accelerating your career faster than anywhere else.


You get to be part of a global team, working with people from all over the world, sharing ideas, knowledge, and success.


You’re rewarded and valued for your efforts – you sit at the heart of our business, and we make sure you’re recognized for everything you do.


You’ll get the experience of working with a huge amount of data – MiQ ingests ~10TB+ of data and processes ~60million impressions daily, enabling close to ~6,000 campaigns to run at any time.

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