Store visitation measurement

How do we do it?

Our industry-leading partnerships allow us to understand consumer locations based on mobile data from over 300m devices and hundreds of thousands of points of interest (POIs). But we don’t stop there. To ensure accuracy, we triangulate location with other factors such as dwell time, device speed, size of the specific point of interest and more.

We can also measure store visitation via our range of brand study solutions for additional confidence or insight, or in regions with differing data protection laws such as Europe. By taking our exposed audience and surveying them about whether they visited a location or intend to visit a location soon, we can see the uplift of your campaign.

What does that mean for you?

Get a better understanding of the impact of your programmatic campaigns on real-world visitation to any given location, via accurate, deterministic location-based measurement and survey-based footfall and intent measurement solutions.