Programmatic and the cord

How to reach cord cutters, cord trimmers and cord nevers with programmatic

In 2019, eMarketer estimated 21.9 million US households (17.3%) have cut the cord and no longer be reached through traditional linear TV.

Advertisers, particularly those in the political sphere, will need to devise new strategies for reaching households that no longer engage with media in the same ways.

In the Programmatic and the Cord study you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify Cord-Cutting Households: How advertisers can build campaigns that will reach them and drive results in a way that supplements their traditional TV buys
  • Compare TV Audiences: How viewing and browsing habits differ between traditional TV viewers and the digitally-inclined.
  • Election Ready Your Coverage: Strategies for building political campaigns that reach consumers across multiple platform
Programmatic and the cord

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