Programmatic Trends for 2022

The state of programmatic advertising now and the trends that define the future

What are the programmatic trends that marketers need to know now? We spell them all out in our latest report to help marketers build out their plans for 2022.

New user behaviors are driving the trends and marketers can take a look at the data to jump on the exciting developments in the media landscape.

Read our new report to find out:

  • Key themes that will drive programmatic media through next year

  • Understand the changes from the past 18 months and why you should go down the programmatic road

  • A five-year outlook into the programmatic opportunity

  • A deeper dive into the channels marketers love and the barriers they want to tackle:

    • Programmatic Display
    • Programmatic Video
    • Programmatic Audio
    • Connected TV
    • Digital Out of Home
  • How to prepare and build a plan for 2022

MiQ Programmatic trends 2022
Programmatic Trends for 2022

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